Kayne Dynell is a 23 year old artist , fashion designer and is a true entrepreneur by nature whos hometown is Tacoma WA . At an early age Kayne's biggest influences were Michael Jackson & Chris Brown which inspired him to become a professional choreographer & dancer. As his popularity increased he decided to expand his entrepreneurship into the fashion industry and Prize & Trophy clothing brand was founded in 2017.

2019 is when Kayne Dynell’s music journey began, He started out by uploading content to sites like soundcloud , youtube & facebook. As his popularity grew so did the dynamic of his music . When listening to his music you can expect a unique harmonic blend of  hiphop , rnb and also pop with an alternative feel. He has done various performances with Ohgeesy & Rob Vicious (Shoreline Mafia) as well as performed at festivals like Alienstock in 2019. As Kaynes music career continued one of his biggest artist influences is Russ which inspired him to fine tune his skillset to deliver a memorable melodic sound that activates the charisma of others. He is working on finishing collaborations and preparing for upcoming releases in the summer quarter 2020 . He is signed to the creative outlets known as VarSityCrew Entertainment & Made.Hype.





​JUNE 5th - Come Up Release

My album officially releases! Available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Here!

JUNE 18th - Can't Sleep Release 

Yet another hot drop! Get it day 1 if you're real enough.

More tour stuff


Another hit fashion show! Everyone will be there. Don't miss out. It'll be iconic.



*Keep checking in for Updates*


*Keep checking in for Updates*



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